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& so it continues..

Hi all,

I'm going to try touch bases as much as possible. Following from the governments announcement last Sunday (on my 30th.. what an experience..) I would be lying if I said it wasn't a little upsetting the proposed plan for lifting lockdown measures gradually, whilst I 100% understand that the priority is the health and safety of the public and I totally stand by and respect that, I guess even after all the time, personally I'm still coming to terms with all these changes. Admittedly i'm a workaholic, but that is because I truly love my job - I meet wonderful client's that make the work I create, a beautiful experience to be part of, and whilst I work long hours when I am in work, it enables me the flexibility to be around for my children, so to have a job that works so well for almost every element in life is a dream right? So yes, long and short, its really hard being away but it has been lovely to keep in touch with a lot of you, and if we haven't had chance to catch up just yet, drop any of us a message as we really do love to hear from you. So it appears as it stands, but anything could change, that we are looking to phase the return to work early July - I really do hope that things go to schedule but I'm counting down the weeks and doing everything I can to be prepared.. being prepared for me means..

1. ensuring we have adequate PPE for staff and clients to do what we can to prevent the spread, and ensuring we have hand sanitising facilities upon initial entry to both premises

2. managing a crazy wait list (thank you thank you for your loyalty!)

3. understanding how I will spread my time between the two locations - offering both services and training sessions

4. preparations for new training courses to be released

5. finishing off Hey Prin & freshen up at Beauty & the ink

6. and the list goes on..

I've been working on as you may have noticed uploading our retail items, lots more skincare products to be posted in the next few days, but I wanted to ensure that I had tried all of these first. I can honestly say I have fallen in love! I struggle with my skin due to sensitivity and allergies to what feels like everything, and they have been really effective in maintaining a clearer complexion whilst not causing irritation - big bonus for me!

I've also added for those that may not use social media, or may miss some of our posts, a section to the website called 'Stay at home', this will be where we post little home pamper tips to get you through these unprecedented times - we hope you enjoy them and would love to hear some of your feedback / experiences!

I hope you are all making the most of this time, whilst I know it is hard, a sense of unknown, missing family everything will become better with time, so enjoy the time whilst you can, think of it as a well deserved break and never again will we take for granted those we love and our freedom!

Wishing you all happiness and wellness, stay safe and look after each other xox

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