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Hey Prins!

We are trying to keep ourselves super positive and equally super busy by preparing ourselves for our opening/launch of Hey Prin!

As the salon hadn't quite finished due to a few set backs - what venture doesn't have them? I'm sure we've all been there when doing DIY at home and it takes so much longer than you'd ever of anticipated, well that's exactly how I can describe this project x 100, probably because we have all these ideas that we are trying to bring to life for you.

Our vision - to create an escape from everyday life and bring you to a world that is all about you, whether that's a pamper or building your own venture. We want to help people to see their own self worth and bring their own dreams to reality, we have done it and we will do everything we can to help you too!

The theme - ok, so basically everything we would love in our homes but would probably be a little too extra. You can never have too much pink, and you can never have too many flowers! Why flowers? Other than them being absolutely gorg to look it, flowers bloom to show their inner beauty and that's exactly what we are wanting to do - help you bloom.

We're nearly getting there with the building work, it's been really hard getting hold of things with the restrictions in place due to Covid-19 but we are just doing what we can, when we can. Other than of course being able to re-unite with our loved ones, do you know what I am looking forward to when restrictions are finally lifted.. visiting homesense! There is nothing else quite like it and we are looking forward to finding the finishes touches to bring this project to life.

Retail - we'd wanted to keep these under wraps until our launch, but we've launched our online shop earlier than anticipated, why? because if anything it will be a little lifeline to keeping our dream going right now. It means you get to purchase some fantastic little 'me treats' whilst supporting the Hey Prin team - so thank you!

We've been finalising some training and completing some new training ourselves for some personal development, if there is something you would love to train in and we are not yet offering it, please do let us know, we are working on having our new courses ready for the launch.

I promise to get you some new pictures of the salon to keep you posted, we do have some on our Instagram if you are already following us!

Stay safe, we'll keep you posted, catch up soon.

Lots of love xox

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Mandy Finnigan
Mandy Finnigan
Jun 23, 2020

Looks beautiful Laura very inviting well done to all the team. X

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