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Here we go.. again..

So no sooner we're we open, we were closed again, i'd be lying if I said this wasn't pretty disheartening for any new business trying to get off the ground, but we have aspirations we wish to achieve with this place and as our journey first started off, we want to help change the lives of others... and with the current economic climate, redundancies left right and centre now is our time to truly prepare and use our time wisely to enable us to be able to help as many people as we can with our 'Bounce Back into Work, Business Building' Schemes.

We want to help those that may feel a little lost right now and show you the opportunities that lie in this amazing industry we have the pleasure to call our jobs! The Beauty industry enables you to work with like minded, driven individuals, building your clientele with loyal, understanding clients that you often form the strongest, most honest friendships with.

We will be updating the site over the next few days with some HUGE savings on our accredited training programmes. Some have been adapted to enable you to complete home study, ready for practical assessments upon our re-opening in December.

We are also going to be working on our Christmas Pamper Packages, we'd love to know what you want to see on there, so if you have any feedback, please don't hesitate to get in touch and let us know what treatments interest you!

I absolutely LOVE Christmas, so naturally i've already done the dash to Brents Garden Centre for some gorg decorations (if you haven't been yet, I highly recommend!! some amazing displays for inspiration!)

I truly hope, that we finally get to meet everyone come Christmas time - if you've already visited the salon, THANK YOU!! from the bottom of our hearts we appreciate every single customer that walks through that door - you are supporting our dream and keeping this ship sailing! If you've a friend, or family member, we'd love for you to share your experiences in order to help us grow our clientele.. we promise when this social distancing malarky is over to throw a long overdue launch party to which our loyal clients will be treated as the VIPS they are.

I'd like to use this opportunity whilst catching up with you to recommend a local business (who is also a hairdresser that has been greatly impacted this year with Covid restrictions in her line of work) that has set up a Christmas Decorating service, if you use Instagram you can find her by visiting @xtraafchristmas for Christmas decorations that are as the name suggests... xtra as f!

Treatments.. we've loads coming to the online booking system.. any discounts, be quick they are loaded onto the system with 10 of each initial appointment discounted to allow you to try out some fab treatments!

Our Online shop is OPEN! We'd love for you to support local this year, and we have a variety of goodies available to purchase, all tried and tested goodies that we absolutely love ourselves!

I hope you are all doing well, keeping safe, sane, busy, whatever you can to get through this lockdown. If we can be of any help, please don't ever hesitate to reach out.

Hope to see you all very soon, and i'm sure the rest of the team will catch up with you on the blog in the next few days.. lots of love xox

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